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The fifteenth Paralympic Summer Games have started!


As you walk, hop, hobble, or wheel Meeting people of different kinds, Remember that being handicapped Is only a state of mind”. Stephen Cosgrove

Yesterday, in the beautiful Maracana Stadium, 4.342 athletes coming from 159 countries were in communion with more than 70.000 spectators for the launching ceremony of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Summer Games.

From the 7th to the 18 September, these athletes will challenge in twenty-two various sports. It’s a good way for them to express their great talents and enjoy the life! If you are a lover of one of these following sports, don’t miss competitions:

Archery ; Athletics ; Boccia ; Canoe ; Cycling ; Equestrian ; Football 5-a-side ; Football 7-a-side ; Goal ball ; Judo ; Power lifting ; Rowing ; Sailing ; Shooting ; Sitting volleyball ; Swimming ; Table tennis ; Triathlon ; Wheelchair basketball ; Wheelchair fencing ; Wheelchair rugby ; Wheelchair tennis.

If you have missed the Athletics Day 1, don’t worry. Watch the live here.

Africans ambassadors

Christian Gobe, a Cameroonian athlete. Credit: Google Images

They will be 315 Africans athletes who will defend the continent during these Paralympic Games. The three more fluent nations are Algeria (60 athletes), Egypt (45) and South-Africa (43). A unique athlete will represent Cameroon, my motherland. His name : Christian Gobe.

As during the Olympic Games, there is a Refugee Team . Ibrahim Al Hussein and Shahrad Nasajpour are the two ambassadors of the Independent Paralympic Athlete team.

Competitions, Emotions, Great spectacles!


In 2012, in London, it was very emotional and spectacular. I think this 2016 Paralympic Summer Games will be more rich in emotions with beautiful and intense competitions. All the best to these 4.342 athletes!

Stay tuned on the competition here or on Twitter!


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