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Today is the World Tourism Day! 

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” Gustave Flaubert

Each September 27th, the World celebrates the Day of Tourism. All the countries members of the World Tourism Organization join their voices to show how important is tourism in the social and economic development. They also act every day in order make tourism more interesting and profitable for their economies. The 2016 thematic is: “Tourism For All: Promoting Universal Accessibility“. The official celebrations will take place in Bangkok, Thailand. Hashtags of the day are #tourism4all #WTD2016

WTD 2016 Welcome to Thailand 


Tourism in Cameroon


A gorilla in the Limbe Botanic Garden. Credit:

According to the WTO’s website, Cameroon has joined the organization in 1975. Since this adhesion, it created the Ministry of Tourism in order to promote Cameroonian cultural values and socio-historical vestiges. So, if you have Cameroon in your destination’s card, you could visit beautiful places and discover good and interesting things.

In few Years, Cameroon will receive the Mother Of Humanity Monument. With 95 meters (height) and 29 upstairs, MOH will be the highest monument never built in Africa. Kribi is the city where i twill be based. This city located near of the Atlantic ocean is well known for its beautiful beach and awesome places.

Kribi’s beach. Credit:

In 2015, according to the UNWTO, there were 609 million International Tourist Arrivals in Europe and just 53 million in Africa. Europe was the top region with 51 percent, Asia the second (277 million, 23 percent), Americas (191 million, 16 percent), Middle East (54 million, 5 percent) and Africa the last (53 million, 5 percent). The Mother Of Humanity monument (if it’s achieved) will surely increase the tourism flux in Cameroon and all over Africa.

Stay tuned about world tourism activities here:


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